From Facebook to FolioThinking:
Exploring the First-Year Cyberspace College Experience

October 7, 2006

  Georgia Conference on Information Literacy

                                 Coastal Georgia Center, Savannah Georgia

                                                 October 6-7, 2006

Presentation Abstract

Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick
Associate Professor of Communications & Director of Portfolios for
Student Success Programs & Senior Year Experience

Ms. Lesia Miller Schnur

Instructor of First-Year Experience

Session Title:
From Facebook to FolioThinking: Exploring the First-Year Cyberspace College Experience.

9:00-10:15AM - Room 1005- October 7, 2006

Session Description

This fall 2006, four Kennesaw State University faculty have joined together to teach a Learning Community entitled: From Facebook to Foliothinking:Exploring the First-Year College Cyberspace Experience. This innovative learning community addresses the changing academic cyberspace landscape, including how first-year students make decisions about learning from Internet resources from campus and beyond, the ensuing ethical issues that arise, explore and experience hybrid online learning, and capture learning in a college student electronic portfolio, which includes the latest technology training for creating e-portfolios for reflection on learning.

Learning Outcomes for KSU 1101: First-Year Seminar & Communities

with exhibited portfolio materials by
Jennifer Leifheit Little,
Presentation Technology Department
Ben Cope, EPOC Designs

Sid Kemp, ITS Web Folio Seminar Designer

Karen Andrews, KSU Online Career Portfolio

graphic assistance:
Helen Bisesi, KSU Graphic Designs for Presentation Bookmark

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