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Discover the basic concepts of designing and creating an e-portfolio; important design considerations; the e-portfolio process.

Familiarizes students with numerous high-end software applications, hardware and equipment. Attention is focused on presentation planning and preparation.

Prepare a comprehensive outline and plan for putting together an e-portfolio.

Basics of using PowerPoint for e-portfolio design.

Learn how Photoshop can be used to prepare images for use in an e-portfolio.

Learn how to add interactivity to PDF documents; create hyperlinks and insert multimedia content.

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About the KSU E-Portfolio Initiative

Together with Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick, Director of Portfolios for Student Success Programs and the Senior-Year Experience Program at KSU, PTD has joined to create an innovative weave of technology with the production of a KSU E-Portfolio for the students of her Senior Seminar (KSU 4401) and First Year Experience (KSU 1101) classes. Based on the RACCE College Portfolio Process (Folio Thinking) developed by Dr. Dominick, PTD has designed E-Portfolio templates, as well as a training schedule for Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, and Acrobat, which will enable the college seniors to produce E-Portfolios during the semester.


To have college seniors honor, understand, and connect their learning to support their development as productive citizens and college graduates through the design and development of an E-Portfolio.



PTD will collaborate with faculty partners to discuss scheduling of training, development of course resources and multimedia content, and a timeline for completion of this project. Additionally, we will design templates and specialized training materials for students to use in the creation of their own E-Portfolios. PTD will conduct the necessary training in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Acrobat that students will need to successfully design and assemble their E-Portfolio. Finally, we will address individual student requirements as needed and provide assistance to students in the final production of their E-Portfolio.

Learning Outcome:

This innovative academic collaboration provides for college seniors marketable technology training, a showcase E-portfolio for their post-university life, and a commitment to weave technology with their learning story, preparing them for productive citizenship in the 21st century and for organizations that demand talent and knowledgeable leaders.

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