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The e-portfolios displayed below are the sole property of their respective owners and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Presentation Technology Department or Kennesaw State University. The Department of University Studies at Kennesaw State University has obtained written permission to use the e-portfolios displayed below; all other rights reserved.

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Bethanie Izar, Kennesaw State University

Bethanie Izar

A graduate of Kennesaw State University, Bethanie Izar used her e-portfolio to showcase her study abroad experiences. Using a template designed by the Presentation Technology Department of Kennesaw State University, Bethanie customized the e-portfolio to reflect her own interests.

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Kenyatta Porter, Kennesaw State University

Kenyatta Porter

With a bachelor's degree in accounting, Kenyatta used her e-portfolio to highlight her professional experience and career aspirations. Additionally, she included a "Personal Strategy" section that includes a detailed discussion of her goals and plans for the future.

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Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick, Faculty Portfolio

Dr. Joan Dominick

With over 25 years in higher education, Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick created an electronic portfolio to organize and showcase her academic and professional career. As the Director of Portfolios for Student Success Programs and the Senior Year Experience at KSU, Dr. Dominick is the creator of the RACCE College Portfolio Process and a pioneer of e-portfolios at Kennesaw State University.

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Dr. Dan Paracka, Faculty Portfolio

Dr. Dan Paracka

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Stella Xu, Kennesaw State University

Stella Xu

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Elena Smirnova, Kennesaw State University

Elena Smirnova

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Ben Cope, Georgia State University

Ben Cope, e-portfolio

A graduate of Kennesaw State University, Ben is currently pursuing a masters in communication from Georgia State University. This online portfolio serves as a personal archive of coursework and related materials, as well as a showcase for the graphic design, multimedia development, and website work that Ben has completed.

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