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by Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick copyright 2002




Reflective Portfolio



Reflective Portfolio



Reflective Portfolio



Best of Show Portfolio



Best of Show Portfolio


Folio Thinking is defined as the process of creating reflective and best of show portfolios which help to honor, understand, and connect learning from self to global society. This process is called folio thinking which develops the life-long learning habit of archiving, assessing, and sharing their learning with societal stakeholders in the areas of citizenship, community, and career.

Folio thinking acts as a kaleidoscopic process which leads to a deeper view of understanding learning and develops a strategy for archiving, reflecting, and digitally sharing life-long learning for the empowerment of college seniors and their emerging roles as global citizens.

The folio thinking process prepares students for life-long continued career development which demands an entrepreneurial approach of managing one's own progress as a knowledge worker in the 21st century.

Chapter 1.1 Reflecting on Your College Experience

Chapter 1.2 Building Your Reflective Portfolio

Chapter 1.3 Building Your Best of Show Portfolio


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