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Reflective Portfolio



Reflective Portfolio



Reflective Portfolio



Best of Show Portfolio



Best of Show Portfolio

Connect: Folio Thinking - Mission, Design, and Format

Mission: What is the purpose of your portfolio?

  • Employment
  • Gradutate School
  • Internship
  • Scholarship
  • Military
  • Entrepreneur
  • Personal
  • Life Timeline

Design: Will the reader understand your learning story? Is the table of contents clear? Is the navigation clear?

  • Using a storyboard (Kennesaw State University Pocket ePortfolio Initiative)
  • Learning Story clearly defined
  • Establish Credibility using Resume and References
  • General Skill Showcased
  • Specific Academic  Major Experience Showcased
  • Work Experience Showcased
  • Volunteer Experience Showcased
  • Use of Supporting Material
  • Examples of Global Experience Showcased
  • Personal Evidence
  • Entrepreneurial Evidence

Format: What is the best delivery of your portfolio?

Samples from Paper Portfolios, Powerpoint, Web 1.0, Web 2.0 & Video:


From Dr. Helen Barrett

Hands-on E-Portfolio Workshop using Google® Tools
GoogleDocs® Document & Presentation - Slideshow from Paper to Web 2.0 Portfolios

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Sample Paper Portfolio from:

Caroline Rutledge Armilo: Fortune Hearts Paper

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Sample Web 1.0 Portfolios:

KSU Online Career Portfolio Web 1.0 Password Protected Sample


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Data 180 Student Folios:

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